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UAN Member Portal login Registration epf balance passbook features benefits

About UAN Member Portal Login And Portal Features

The UAN Member Portal Login has been astonishingly serving billions of employees all over. It has been one of the benefitting platforms for people linked to an EPF account. The unified portal is quite significant for the provident fund account holders. UAN login portal significantly offers various valid and benefitting services such as EPF balance, PF transfers, KYC updating and many more. People linked to UAN portal through UAN Member Portal Login can also keep a check on every transaction from their account and would get an update through messages. The member portal of UAN is now located on the interface of unified member portal. Portal Features have all of the benefiting services that can now be experienced by owning a UAN number.
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Features of UAN member portal

  • There would not be any involvement of an employer if aadhaar and UAN of yours are
  • Linking of all your PF accounts with unified single UAN account portal number is a well available feature.
  • PF account transfer has become easy with UAN number.
  • Every month EPF contribution made by UAN employees can be quite easy to be tracked.
  • Online PF withdrawal with UAN is as simple as bank transfer.
  • Updating of documents, ID proof and Address proof and KYC is now easy with UAN portal.
The UAN Member Portal Login has bought up various top Portal Features that are quite easy and simple and are a big advantage for the employees. Portal Features of UAN are big benefits for the employees who hold EPF accounts as they can obtain best of its reliable services. If you are an EPF account holder then go to the UAN member portal for experiencing such benefits. Get the UAN number so that you can fetch all details of your account activity. This thing or the exciting Portal Features has made things quite effective working in a smoother way for we people. Click here to Login Unified Portal 

What is UAN number?

Here the question arises that what the UAN number actually is all about? Well, the UAN portal number here is playing an eminent role in managing EPF account activities of employees. It is brought up and allotted to the EPFO members. It is actually a 14 digit unique number which employees receive who are holding the account for provident fund. Through this effective number, employees can transfer PF in the way they want. They would also manage various other activities of an account. People with interest can simply get the number by registering themselves on an official page of the unified portal. As soon as they reach the website they can get a link ‘activate UAN’. This link is necessary to obtain the number and activate their UAN account. The EPFO members who owe an activated number of UAN can easily download UAN passbook for inquiry of their PF balance. The passbook would contain the transactions in detail which may let you know about the activity of your account and tell you about your account balance. Hurry and visit the site fo0r necessary UAN number activation as it is necessary for you! In Order to login or register with UAN member Portal you must complete below the procedures. Aka UAN Registration for portal login with uan number and password. UAN Activation.

The Process for Registration, Activation, and Generation of UAN

Our country is one the way of processing digitalization by the integration of digital technologies into everyday life to save our valuable time. At this stage, the EPFO (Employees’ Provident Fund Organization) has uploaded the online version to access the EPF (Employees’ Provident Fund) easily for its member. In this process members of EPF (Employees’ Provident Fund) can access their EPF (Employees’ Provident Fund) account without any paperwork, by using the UAN (Universal Account Number), which has been introduced by EPFO (Employees’ Provident Fund Organization). Now the process for Registration, Activation, and Generation for UAN (Universal Account Number) will be explained in details.

Definition of UAN:

UAN (Universal Account Number) is a twelve digit number, which is registered by EPFO (Employees’ Provident Fund Organization) for EPF (Employees’ Provident Fund) account. In 2014, EPFO introduced the UAN system, which acts as an umbrella. It is linked to Member Identification Number. By entering UAN, an employee can get the view of EPF account in details through the online by opening the website of EPFO. When an employee switch to the job and Registration of UAN has been already completed for the EPF account, the employee should introduce UAN to the new employer to link the new Member ID to UAN. For the Activation of UAN, KYC must be integrated to UAN. At this, the employee can independently access the EPF account by using UAN.

Registration of UAN Member Portal:

Registration of UAN is mandatory for an EPF member. The employer should provide UAN to an employee, which will be mentioned on the salary slip of the employee. If it is not mentioned, the employee should ask the employer and EPFO will provide UAN to the employer. If the employer does not provide UAN, the employee can get the UAN from UAN portal by following these steps below.
  • Go to the website of EPFO.
  • Click on the option “Know your UAN and UAN Status.
  • “Know your UAN page will appear.
  • Select your state and EPFO office from Menu.
  • Give your EPF number and establishment code.
  • Enter your PAN number, Aadhar number, name, mobile phone number, Date of birth, email id and captcha code.
  • Click on “Get Authorization PIN”.
  • The PIN will be given to you through you registered a mobile phone number.
  • Insert the PIN and click “Validate OTP and Get UAN”.
  • Your UAN and UAN Status will be sent to your registered mobile phone number.

Activation of UAN Member Portal Login:

For the Activation of UAN of your UAN, you have to follow these steps.
  • Go to the EPFO portal form the EPFO website.
  • Click on “Activate UAN”.
  • A page will appear and you have to give all the information in details.
  • Click on “Get Authorization PIN”.
  • The PIN will be given to your registered mobile phone number.
  • For the Activation of UAN enter the PIN.
  • Login ID and password and the process of Activation UAN will be completed.

Submitted Documents to a New Company to link the member ID with UAN:

The following documents are required for submission to a New Company to link the member ID with UAN.
  • Any one document of KYC
  • The last working date of previous company
  • UAN of the previous company
  • The name of the Bank with mentioning the branch, IFSC code and the bank account number
If the employee has not registered UAN, the following data should be required for submission.
  • The last working date
  • Name of the Bank with mentioning the branch
  • IFSC code
  • Bank account number
  • EPF account number of the previous company

KYC documents for UAN:

The following KYC documents should be needed for UAN.
  • Bank account number
  • Aadhar card
  • PAN card
  • Ration card
  • Voter ID
  • Passport
  • Driving License
  • Employees’ State Insurance Corporation card

Benefits Available by the integrating KYC with UAN:

The following benefits are available by the integrating KYC with UAN.
  • Getting alert of monthly deduction through the message
  • Getting advantage of easy PF withdrawing
  • Easy PF transfer
  • Available of clarity of PF account

The process of Downloading UAN card:

By following these steps, you can download your UAN easily.
  • Enter the EPFO portal
  • Enter your UAN, password and captcha code to login your EPF account
  • From “View” select the “UAN Card”
  • Click on “UAN Card” option and your UAN card will display on the page
  • Download or print the UAN card directly

Prompt Auto transfer of PF Account with UAN:

After the Activation of UAN, an employee is eligible for transferring PF account from the previous organization easily. At present Form 11 is submitted by the employee instead of Form 13, to transfer PF account, which is introduced by the EPFO. Through Form 11, the employee can get the opportunity to transfer PF account automatically from previous organization to the new organization by following these steps.
  • Fill up the information such as: UAN and previous PF account number in Form 11.
  • The information should be matched with the UAN information.
  • If the UAN is integrated to the Aadhar and bank details, it should be verified by the previous employer.
  • After entering the details information, the EPFO portal will generate PF transfer automatically.
  • Then the message about the initiation of PF transfer will be given to the employee through the registered mobile phone number.
  • After receiving this message, within ten days the accomplishing of the PF transfer will be held, if the employee wants to continue the process.
  • The PF contribution by the new employer will be deposited in PF account.
  • By giving the notification message or email, the employee will be confirmed about the process of PF transfer has been completed successfully.

Important awareness of Online or Offline PF Transfer:

The following points should be ensured to transfer PF account through the Online or Offline.
  • Ensure that the UAN is validated and linked to the employer’s portal by the employer.
  • After switching the job, the presentation of Form 11 to the new employer is a must.
  • On the basis or intended auto transfer, PF transfer will start and transfer will take place if the new employer contributes the first contribution.
PF transfer should be made by Offline Form 13. In this process, the employee has to fill up Form 13 and submit this physically. The following points are to be ensured by the employee.
  • The employee should submit Aadhar card details to the new employer.
  • By this submission, time will be saved for PF transfer.
Benefits of Using UAN member Portal: The following benefits are available by using UAN.
  • The PF transfer will be available easily
  • Tracking of your EPF account, knowing the status of PF account, downloading the updated passbook and UAN will be available anytime through the online.
  • The PF withdrawn can be done independently by the employee

The process of Link Aadhar with UAN in Online:

In 2017, EPFO has introduced the option to link Aadhar with UAN. Presently, it is compulsory to link Aadhar with all important documents. To do this, the following steps are to be followed.
  • Enter the website of EPFO.
  • Click on “Online Services” and select “eKYC Portal”.
  • Enter to the “Link UAN Aadhar” section and click the link.
  • To continue the process, enter UAN and an OTP will be received by your registered mobile phone number.
  • After the completion of OTP authentication, you should enter your Aadhar number. Then another OTP will be received through registered mobile phone number.
  • After the confirmation of OTP, your Aadhar will be linked with UAN, if the given information is matched with each other.

Generation of UAN through Aadhar at uan portal:

The following steps are given for the Generation of UAN through Aadhar.
  • Open the EPFO website.
  • Select “Important Links” and then click on “Online Aadhar Verified UAN Allotment” at the bottom of the home page of UAN member.
  • A page will have appeared where you have to enter you Aadhar number and click on “Generate OTP”.
  • An OTP will be received through your registered mobile phone number.
  • After verifying OTP, you have to click on Disclaimer box and then to continue the process, you have to click on “Submit”.
  • Then a page will have appeared where you will get the details about your Aadhar and you should check the information and fill the essential field. After entering the captcha code, you should click one disclaimer checkbox and click on “Register”. Then the essential information will be automatically filled from the Aadhar data bank.
  • Next, you will get your UAN through your registered mobile phone number.

Correction of Errors in UAN by using Aadhar:

By using your Aadhar, you can correct the details which are being mismatched with your UAN and your Aadhar. Then you have to follow the steps, which are given below.
  • Enter the EPFO website.
  • Login UAN portal with Your UAN, password and captcha code.
  • Click on “Modify basic details” under the head option “Manage”.
  • After entering the Aadhar, automatically EPF account will be updated automatically from the Aadhar data bank.
  • After that, the details will be validated by the employer and it will take some time to complete.

The process of merging 10 EPF accounts with UAN:

You can merge 10 EPF accounts with UAN.
  • Enter the website of EPFO.
  • Open the Employees’ services and click on “One Employee – One EPF Account”.
  • A page will have appeared, which is entitled with “Facility to Consolidate Multiple PF Accounts of an Employee”, where you have to enter the details about your mobile phone number, UAN, and present member ID.
When EPFO validates the information of it member, the members will be able to enroll their previous account numbers for merging with the present UAN. The process of merging two EPF accounts into one with UAN through Online: You have to follow the steps, which are given below to merge two EPF account into one.
  • Open the EPFO website.
  • Enter “Employees’ Services” and click on “One Employee – One EPF Account”.
  • A page will have appeared where you will get the details about your mobile phone number, UAN, and Present member ID and click on “Generate OTP.
  • An OTP will be received with your registered mobile phone number and after the verification of OTP, another page will have appeared.
  • Now, you have to submit the details about your previous account, which will be merged with the present account with UAN.
  • After selecting the declaration check box, click on “Submit”.

The process for updating KYC details for EPF UAN in Online:

To get the benefits, it is essential to update KYC details with UAN. For updating the KYC details, you have to follow the steps below.
  • Open the EPFO website.
  • Login UAN portal, by entering the UAN, password and captcha code.
  • After that, enter to the UAN page and select “KYC” option from the head “Manage”.
  • Select the KYC details, which will be updated.
  • The KYC details and status will not be updated until it is accepted by the employer.
  • After approval by the employer, the status will change with details and the employee will get the notification through the message, when the KYC details will be changed successfully.
UAN Services UAN Activation UAN Status EPF passbook member Portal registration epfo Helpdesk

UAN member passbook download @Unified Portal

website: >> our services >> for employees >> member passbook
Enter Your UAN Number (12 Digit) and UAN password to download the EPF passbook or pf statement to know epf balance details every month.

UAN Status & UAN Number Generation

visit UAN Member Portal of epfo to access to it services by Providing UAN Number to the Portal.
To Know UAN Number which is Allocated to your PF Account. Click on The UAN Status right below UAN login form.
UAN members have enter either one of the below details related epfo member.
  1. PAN Card Number.
  2. E Aadhaar Number
  3. PF Account Number
Below details Like Name, DOB, Mobile Number must be included in the UAN Portal registration process. These details also required to Know UAN Number which is generated By Employer on epfo employers Portal.
Once enter The above details your UAN Number will be displayed on the Members Portal Page.
further step go Click UAN Activation Also know as Member Portal Registration.
UAN Member Portal registration & Login,

UAN epfo Contact Number toll-free

1800 118 005  Helpdesk Email

What is UAN & Its benefits?

UAN Stands for Universal Account Number Allocated by epfo to their EPF Scheme Numbers.
UAN Is Unique its different to each other epfo member.
Link all Pf accounts with One UAN Number (No worry about loss of pf money with employer).
PF Transfer automatically done by UAN Number aadhaar (when employe changes its job)
Update KYC Online at UAN member Portal anytime. (Address, bank details, pan, aadhaar. mobile number etc)
Hasslefree Pf withdrawal Partial or full at the age of retirement marriage, home loan, education loan etc
Track epf balance by downloading epf passbook.  and some more benefits to Public & private sector employees. This initiative launched in 2014 by PM Narendar Modi with Ministry of labor & employment
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