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EPF Balance Enquiry epf Passbook download @ uan member portal SMS, missed call alerts epfo app

The Process of checking EPF Balance with uan and pf Status in Online pf balance with uan: The saving is an essential part of our life and it gives us the financial stability and security. The EPF (Employees’ Provident Fund) is also one type of personal savings of an employee, which provides the financial support to an employee. So there is a need for an employee to check the PF status. Presently, the situation of our country has been changed by the applying of advanced technology and everything is trying to be done through online easily. In 2013, EPFO (Employees’ Provident Fund Organization) has provided the facility to check the EPFObalance through their official website. So, an employee can access the EPF account instantly at any time or in case of emergency. There are many ways to check pf details. Now, follow the process given below and check the EPF balance and the status easily.

The process of checking EPF balance by SMS:

To follow this process, you should know your UAN (Universal Account Number), which is integrated with KYC (Know Your Customer) details about your mobile phone number, PAN number, Aadhar number or your bank account number. If the UAN is not linked with KYC, you can link this by taking help from your employer and after completing this process, you have to follow the steps below to check the PF statement pf balance with uan.
  • At first, you should send the message to the number 7738299899.
  • You have the option to the language through which you want to get services and ten languages are available there to choose. These ten languages are English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Malayalam, and Bengali. If you choose the English language, you must use first three letter of that language and you will write the message as EPFOHO UAN ENG.
  • After sending this message, you will get the message from EPFO with detail information about your KYC details, your current payment details, member details and EPF account balance or pf balance with uan.

checking EPF balance by a Missed Call:

Before using this process, you must be confirmed, whether your UAN is linked with KYC details or not. If it is not linked, you will take the help of your employer to link it. Whenever you can link UAN with your KYC details, your UAN will be activated and you can follow the steps below to check the EPFO details by a Missed Call.
  • You should make a missed call to the number 011-22901406 from the mobile phone number, which you have registered.
  • You will get a message from EPFO in which you will get the details.

The process of checking PF balance by EPF account number:

An employee can check the EPF India balance through online by using the EPF account number and by following these steps.
  • Visit the official website of EPFO.
  • Click on “Our Services” and select “For Employees”.
  • Click on “Services” and then choose the option “Member Passbook”.
  • Enter the EPF account number and the password.
  • After that, you can access the EPF account to check the EPF passbook details.

The process of checking PF balance by UAN:

You will follow the steps below for checking the EPF Balance.
  • Visit the official website of EPFO.
  • Enter UAN (Universal Account Number), password and the captcha code.
  • You can access the EPF account to check the pf balance with uan.

Taking the help UMANG App to track pf balance with uan:

Recently, the Government of India has introduced the UMANG, which will give the benefit related to EPFO services and the other services, related to the Government of India like Aadhar, crop insurance, National Pension System etc. You will get UMANG App through the Google Play Store, Window store, and IOS App store. Follow the steps below to download the App.
  • At the time of installation, choose the language according to your requirement and you should verify your mobile phone number through an OTP.
  • As this App facilitates many governmental services, you have to register the Aadhar.
  • Submit your personal data to know pf balance with uan.
Whenever you complete the installation of UMANG App, you should choose the option “EPFO” among the different services of the Government of India and carefully you must follow the steps below.
  • Click on “Employee Centric Services” from the options like Employee Centric Services, Employer Centric Services, and General Services.
  • Click on the blue ribbon from the column to view passbook and enter your UAN.
  • You will receive an OTP through the registered mobile phone number.
  • After completion of the authentication of the OTP, you will get the details about your EPF account and you can check the details.

checking pf balance with uan for Railway Employees:

  •  There is an exclusive website for Railway Employees through which they can check the RESS balance. They should follow the steps below.
  • Visit the official website of Indian Railways.
  • Click on the option “Employee Self Services”.
  • You will get the view of the RESS (Railway Employee Self Service) page and you should provide the user ID and password to log in.
  • In case of the new register, you have to choose the option “New User Registration” and enter the details about your mobile phone number, Aadhar number, and date of birth. Then you will get your user ID and password through which you can log in.
  • At last, you will get the details about your pf balance with uan and you can check the details.

Bonus Tip pf balance with uan

Get Monthly SMS alerts regarding epf balance with UAN & Aadhaar.
If you are not getting Every month epf balance details by SMS, Please do comment below we will rectify it.
pf balance with uan.
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