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Easy Tips To Do EPF Balance Enquiry & Check UAN Passbook EPF is an abbreviation for Employees provident fund which is a common topic for discussion. It is a platform for savings which is brought up for the people working in private sectors. A retirement based benefit scheme available for all salaried employees are common as EPF. Many times it happens that people may not easily be able to access details of their balance of the provident fund. Here I am available with few of the common tips that would help you with an easy EPF Balance Enquiry and check your UAN Passbook which is hassle free: check epf balance on EPFO & UAN member Portal Yes, the use of the EPFO (Employees Provident Fund Organization) Portal can be beneficial and easy to do EPF Balance Enquiry. Instead of using any unified portal employees can now easily access the EPFO portal. EPFO has been running several websites through which employees can now easily access PF passbook. There is a requirement for you to tag your PF account to UAN (Universal Account Number) so that you can view your PF passbook. This, PF passbook linked with UAN is known as UAN passbook. There are certain steps that can help you view and download your passbook from the website: -Visit the official website - www.epfindia.com. -Go to ‘our services’ and click on ‘for employees’. -Under services, tab click on member passbook. Unified uan portal https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/

Direct download with UAN number epf passbook

Enquire EPf amount by ending of SMS

Sending of SMS with the aim to fetch your account balance is a common method nowadays for EPF Balance Enquiry. People who have linked their UAN with EPFO can simply get to know about their balance through simply sending an SMS to an authorized number. EPFOHO UAN ENG is an SMS that you need to send for the enquiry of the balance of your account. In the SMS, ENG denotes the language English in which you want your feedback message. Apart from the language English, one can also choose the language of their choices which is: Marathi, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada and many more.

get Pf balance details Giving a missed call

Another major option for viewing your passbook is giving a missed call on an authorized number. You need to give a missed call from your number which is registered in your account so that you can view your passbook immediately. Remember that the facility of giving a missed call and viewing the passbook is actually available for the people who are already registered on UAN portal. 

download epf passbook by EPFO app

The app facility is also available by EPFO for the people so that they can use it for their benefit. Here we are discussing how we can view UAN passbook or the balance of our EPF account. And the easy solution is the application available for the Smartphone users. Download the application from the Google play store and click on a member and then on passbook. The app facility is very easy and simple for the people.
Above are few of the popular methodology for the viewing of UAN passbook or balance of an EPF account. Employee’s provident fund's organization has been well available with the portals and many other facilities. Hence, one can choose any of the above-mentioned options for the purpose of enquiry of their provident fund account’s balance.

Bonus Tip

Get Monthly SMS alerts regarding epf balance with UAN & Aadhaar .
If you are not getting Every month epf balance details by SMS, Please do comment below we will rectify it.